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  • Worn Panties-different styles & colors, let me know what your favorites are! I wear VS or HankyPanky lingerie so the quality is very nice! $40 each ($30 each if you purchase 3 or more... and for a limited time, you will get a 3rd pair free!)

  • Worn Bras                            $40

  • Worn Bra & panty set      $60

  • Worn Swim Suits               $70

  • Worn Socks                         $20

  • Worn Pantyhose               $30

  • Stockings with Panty       $50

I include 10 custom photos with each of the above items, which I let you choose what you want to see... within reason. Some ideas are modeling shots of me, me with my boyfriend, me with hubby, department store dressing room pics...  If you don't see what you want don't be shy Just let me know what you are interested in :)

  • ​Custom Videos: me with hubby, me with boyfriend, gang bang, me alone with toys, cum shots, foot fetish, fem domme, hairy fetish, cuckold, and inter-racial. Videos start at $50 and up.​

  • Skype Live Video Chat - $25 for 15 minutes and $45 for 30 minutes and ask me about Live Skype during my play sessions... Starts at $120.

This is the list I am comfortable with, but  I have been opening up to requests and suggestions. I will add more photos and ideas as I do more photo sessions.​

Postage is included with prices. items are shipped in Unmarked plain packaging, and everything is placed in an individual vacuum sealed bag.

​All Requests Will Be Taken In My ‘Contact’ Box  or you can directly email me: . And I will be using Paypal to receive "gifts" ;)

If you don't see something you want just ask you never never know ;)

Drop me a line and we can talk about what you would like to see! 

Kitty xoxo

My things that are available ;)

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