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So this is really my first blog post...

So this is really my first blog post and let me tell you, it's an exxxciting one! I don't think you will be disappointed, but it will be hard work for me to keep up this kind of entertainment! ;) For a while now, I have been talking about doing a gang bang... Just a mini one I guess... 4 guys plus 2 photographers ;) I'm finally able to arrange schedules and get my favorite hotel reserved! It's a big feat to plan,,, but I'm up for the challenge ;) Since I can get my hotel room early, I decide to message my BBC who happens to have summer hours on Fridays... So lucky for me he re-arranges his plans to meet me for an afternoon delight before I plan to sit at the pool and relax! As I'm packing my bag at home, I message him to see what he wants me to be wearing when he arrives...I get my outfit ready for the party later on as I'm looking through all my intimates and wow! I have a lot of really nice panties, and I should share these with all my fans! So I pack up at least 20 panties and tell hubby that we will do another photo shoot in the afternoon posing with all my panties I can have a scented panty sale! Okay, back to the BBC story... When he arrives we waste no time getting naked and kissing and touching each other and getting him undressed. I suck his cock until he becomes fully hard and let me tell you, it's a huge cock! As I lay down on the bed, he sucked and licked my clit until I climax... very intense! He climbs on top of me, and we continue intensely in missionary position. I'm very selfish today and don't climb on top of him like I usually do to ride his hard waiting cock... I let him ride me! Still very sexxxual!

I move into doggie and let him fuck me from behind, but his large cock is so big that I feel I cannot take all of him! We move back and forth sliding his cock in and out of my super wet pussy ;) we get into a position where I'm lying flat on my front and he is still sliding his cock back and forth. He moves to the side and does some hip thrusts while we are both lying on our sides.. Still very huge dick inside me!

Finishing with missionary, him on top of me, I tell him to fuck me hard! And be sure to tell me when he's going to cum... I like to be able to see the cum shots! It's one of my favorite things! He begins to slow down thrusting in and out! It's very intense and we both begin to cum as he pulls out and finishes just like I like! Hubby and I have a bit of our own fun, just a quick "afternoon delight", but very intense as I am still aroused from my bbc encounter ;)

We decide to head to the pool area and sit outside while relaxing with a chicken & cranberry salad and a glass of grape vodka on ice! A bit of relaxation as I prepare mentally for my party later in the evening. So my plan is to give all my studs blowjobs to get them warmed up with a bit of kissing & touching in-between!

I then lay down on the bed and line them up all around me...grabbing their hard dicks with my hands and mouth while one does me missionary style! It's very erotic and there becomes a point where I'm not sure who is where... Just that I have a lot of dicks to grab and a lot of hands touching and mouths licking me!

At one point, I begin to cum and one of my studs is just about to climax at the same time, and I have a big squirt (yes I am that kind of I'm pretty sure both of my photographers get the whole thing on film ;) as I hear all the guys talking about it!

It's definitely an exxxperience of a lifetime and would recommend to anyone having second thoughts, just do it! You only live once and life is way too short!

Check mark for that item on the list, now on to dream up my next adventure!


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