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​​​​Hi and welcome!

I'm Kitty, thank you for cumming to my site ;)

I have just added updated panty pics... I'm having a Fall sale! I'm selling one pair for $30 or three for $50, which is like buy one and get Two FREE! This is for very limited time, so you must email me ASAP,,, once my panty supply is gone... Well, you know... it's gone! I know you will love my panties as much as I enjoyed dressing up & posing!

As far as my regular life, I'm just your average wife sharing my sexual exploration in the form of pics and hoping to make a little extra money while selling my worn panties, swimsuits, and other intimates. I also have videos and Skype dates! Either private sessions or premium skype sessions of my BBC and cuck play!

While I wish I could make a real living at playing and just having fun, the reality is I have a day job and a family to take care of, so I must maintain some anonymity. Sorry I can't show you my face but I will show you the rest of me ;)

Ok it's kind of a long story but here goes... It's been a couple of years now, but I started out by posting some sexy pictures on amateur sites, and someone probably a lot like YOU... Asked me to buy my freshly worn and pussy scented panties. At first I thought it was strange! But since then I have come to use it as an excuse to have fun and get XXX wild! Lately I've been getting a lot of video and skype requests and I'm having so much fun!

So a Big Thank You to those of you who have asked for my worn panties :) you know who you are! I was a little surprised at the request but decided to do it. Since then I have sold quite a few... I will make a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret or online....I love Hanky Panky! ( every few weeks to get panties. I take requests (within reason) as to color and style wise like boy shorts, bikini, thongs, lace, cotton etc...

I decided to make it a little more personal by including some personal pics with each pair. I even take requests for the pics. Like me playing alone, with my fb (fuck buddy), with hubby or maybe just modeling shots!

Lucky for me I have a hubby aka Cucky boi who is encouraging and appreciative of my sexual awakening! And he's a GREAT photographer!
Anyways the way I look at it is that it gives us an excuse to make a regular thing out of playing and having some sexxxy fun ;) Hopefully that makes sense. And the people buying the panties and/or video clips get to have some fun as well! I want to cater to those who are my fans and get as many of those as possible! So,,,, where to next?

Me and hubby I have progressed from couples play, to threesomes mfm, to BBC and now add in BBC and cuckolding! I would love to get feedback to add more adventures and get some fresh naughty ideas from my webpage and Twitter feeds!

I hope you enjoy my site! If you are interested in any of my intimates, pics and videos or if want something special just contact me. I do take personal requests ;)

Can't wait to hear from YOU soon!

Kitty XOXO
@kittyhotwife on Twitter


Updated 10-1-2017 :)
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